Our Philosophy
Our philosophy
Tripalink collaborates with real estate developers, brokers, house owners and property management companies to customize co-living space for millennials in US. To connect and bond each resident together and foster interaction, Tripalink delivers value-added community events and benefits programs to its residents by joining hands with universities, youth organizations, and local businesses on entertainment, food and drinks, lifestyle and sports.
Powered by Tripalink
Human-centered design and one-stop resources are the cornerstone of our development, while effective networking ecosystem enables Tripalink, our partners and community members grow together. With Tripalink, co-living has become more fun and enjoyable experience.
Standardized and scalableWe offer standardized product around US with a scalable model. Our design is standardized and stylized, amenities are carefully selected, and services are customized for millennials, providing each individual the same enjoyable living experience. We also attach importance to the scalability of each process to increasingly have more millennials in US join our big family.
Technology and data drivenWe introduced technologies that are applicable to our operation and management system and are keeping an eye on anyway that enhance efficiency. Data-driven is a must-have mindset in Tripalink. We collect data and do customer research internally to consistently update our product and service, and also sharply pay attention to any external change to make sure our strategies are effective.
Human-centeredOur designers work closely with project managers, sales, and marketers to make sure our products are human-centered and special. We believe only by truly solving problems that millennials have, can Tripalink succeed in the long run, and human-centered should not only be the principle of design, but also be the philosophy of our internal and external collaboration.
People who love life in Tripalink
Exceptional community experiences bring in cool people with diverse talents
Donte ParisSinger, model, dreamer and animal lover
Ether Fu and Gary ShenFounders of Etherway Entertainment and Media
Sarah HansenA senior at USC studying Broadcast Journalism and Marketing and a member of USC Basketball Cheer Team
Crystal LoFounder of PARTYWITH, a pop-up fashion museum, and Snapchat’s former senior designer
KaligemA professional DJ & Producer as well as senior financial analyst
BruceBeen working out since 2014, has been on NPC Men’s physique stage. Coached by IFBB PRO NICK since September 2019
We live and breathe what we value
EntrepreneurshipEach of our employees is a leader, a self-starter, an innovator, and a lifetime learner. We try new things, challenge conventions, and learn from the failures.
DiversityEveryone is talented and special. We believe diversity can foster our co-living community in the long run and inspire innovation.
TenacityWe never give up on things we have determined to do and if we determine to do it, we do it smartly and qualitatively!
IntegrityWe overcommit and overdeliver. We care about our partners, investors, employees and customers, and commit to the highest ethical and qualitative standard of what we do.
ImprovementThere is no best, only better. We keep improving our credibility internally and externally, and updating our products and services.
EmpowermentYou have the empowerment to execute what you think Tripalink should provide to our community members or make a change. “Great idea! Let’s do it!”
FunWorking and living with Tripalink are both fun. We are all millennials specialized in different areas. We are colleagues, friends, and also can be magicians, musicians, designers, bloggers, gourmet masters, beauty influencers, etc.
CollaborationEveryone takes responsibility for their work in Tripalink, while we collaborate with and learn from each other every single day to increase overall performance of the company.
Sharing and caringThe co-living community can’t be fostered if we, ourselves, don't share and care. We share insights, inspirations and jokes. We care about each person’s engagement, happiness and growth.