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Los Angeles


5901 Nicholson St



5634 Brooklyn Ave NE



441 N 35th St



2270 Synergy Dr



1330 E Drachman St




We are creating wonderful and exceptional living experiences


  • "You can’t believe this! I met so many interesting people through Tripalink’s events, which is much better than trying hard to figure out what to do on a boring weekend. I enjoy living at Tripalink since it allows me to have both privacy and opportunities to hang out with people outside of my classmates."

    - Donte (Los Angeles, CA)

  • "The best thing about Tripalink for me is the convenience. Living at Tripalink, I hardly meet people who I don’t like or who are troublesome to share some common space. This just makes everything easier for me. Tripalink does a lot more for me compared to my previous apartments without charging extra money!"

    - Jessica (Seattle, WA)

  • "The space is bright, airy and equipped with ultra-modern appliances and furnishings you’re unlikely to find outside of million-dollar high-rises. What’s more, I don’t need to pay for the utilities every month, find some quarters to do laundry, or do weekly cleaning."

    - Michael (Pittsburgh, PA)