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Enjoy all of the beauty and excitement of the Seattle area while living in a bohemian paradise in Fremont, Seattle, WA! From quirky shops and attractions to a community of young professionals, there are plenty of reasons to rent in Fremont, Seattle!

Fremont Location & Area

Fremont is a neighborhood of the Emerald City situated along a shipping canal. It sits north of Queen Anne and East of Ballard, close enough to the city but far enough away to get some breathing room. The actual area of Fremont is considered part of Seattle, so residents will have a Seattle address and zip code. However, the loosely defined Fremont neighborhood is about one square mile in total and is on the outskirts of the huge city area.

Surrounding Neighborhoods

Nearby neighborhoods in the Fremont Seattle, WA area include Wallingford to the East, Queen Anne to the South, Phinney Ridge to the North, and Ballard to the West. Fremont has been ranked as one of the Top 10 Best Neighborhoods for Young Professionals in Seattle as well as the Top 10 Best Places for Young Professionals in Washington on a state-wide level.

Fremont's Quirky Culture

Fremont Seattle is perfect for those students and young professionals that want to live and rent in a neighborhood that is a bit offbeat and artsy. It is often called "the center of the universe" by residents and is well known for its counter-culture environment and attitude. The majority of Fremont Seattle residents hold a bachelor's or master's degree, making the community well-educated and forward-thinking. The local schools are highly rated as well. Homes feature studio, multi-bedroom apartments for rent, as well as homes to purchase.

Unusual Landmarks that are Hard to Miss

The quirky atmosphere of Fremont lends itself well to plenty of landmarks that you won't find anywhere else!

Fun & Freaky Landmarks

The Fremont Troll is one spot that you just can't miss when living in the area. It sits under the Aurora Bridge, and you'll find many kids (young and old) climbing on the troll's head, back and arms on any given day. Other interesting Fremont Seattle, WA landmarks also include a huge bronze sculpture of Vladimir Lenin that still ruffles the feathers of visitors and residents alike. However, the free spirit of Fremont's art scene trumps any political faux pas. The Fremont Bridge features another interesting outdoor area that includes an interactive sculpture that passersby decorate daily. Waiting for the Interurban includes six people under a shelter waiting for the light rail that connects Fremont to Seattle. You'll find that the group often wears scarves, hats, leis, or even sports colorful umbrellas.

Unique Outdoor Areas

The spirit of Fremont stays true to itself even in the outdoor and recreational areas nearby.

Local Parks & Trails

Gas Works Park is located at the southern end of the nearby Wallingford neighborhood and offers a beautiful view of the Seattle, WA, skyline along with some unusual structures. You can enjoy the water and even fly a kite alongside relics of the former coal gasification plant that once stood there. Nearby Canal Park includes a beautiful dinosaur topiary for all of those future paleontologists and dino lovers alike! The mother and baby Apatosaurus were sculpted in 1999 and then moved to the Seattle, WA park, where they still reside today. The Burke Gilman Trail is a popular spot to consider when looking for apartments for rent in the area. Residents who want to walk, jog, bike, or skate love using this public space. Over 27 miles of trail snake along the Lake Washington Ship Canal provides beautiful views of the scenery and plenty of fresh air for those needing to escape the city.

Creatively Inspired Restaurants

The free-spirit vibe of Fremont shines through in the quirky and exciting restaurants that dot the neighborhood. The sky is the limit when it comes to the creativity of local chefs in the Fremont Seattle, WA area. Kamonegi is one of those spots that feature Japenese-inspired soba noodles and tempura that has caught the eye of significant food critics like Bon Appetit and Star Chefs. Exotic seafood is the main plate at local RockCreek Seafood & Spirits in Fremont. Both local and tropical fish dot the menu at this upscale dining spot. If you are looking for comfort food near your studio apartment, look no further than Dumpling Tzar. This fun restaurant features the unfussy dumpling and all of the unique combinations that create a beautiful plate. We can't forget to mention the iconic Seattle, WA area burger joint, Dick's Drive-In, which has many locations and even a food truck for those who are lucky enough to spot it. The insanely low prices help feed students and young professionals alike!

Locally Owned Shops & Boutiques

Savvy entrepreneurs and shopkeepers line the downtown Fremont area with everything from clothing to jewelry to handbags. You'll find vintage frocks at Atlas Clothing and locally sourced pieces from Show Pony. Lamb's Ear features funky shoes, while Essenza and Les Amis show off perfectly sized jewels and soft dresses perfect for the summer. Hub & Bespoke is the place to pick up any biking gear, and Burnt Sugar offers unique and ever-revolving surprises for any occasion.

Strong and Vibrant Arts Culture

The overall Fremont vibe lends itself well to a neighborhood that deeply cares about the arts. The Fremont Arts Council sponsors many annual events, including the Summer Solstice Parade & Pageant and Troll-a-ween. Expression through art, music, and lifestyle are all welcome in Fremont, Seattle, WA.

Laid Back Atmosphere

Fremont is one of those areas where you have to visit to truly understand the feeling in the air. What other area has a hill built specifically for kite flying, a troll living under a bridge, and vibrant culture that encourages skateboarding and questioning the status quo?

Fremont Area Employers

Need to find a job close to your Fremont Seattle, WA studio apartment? Look no further than these nearby companies investing in the area and care about the neighborhood!

Tech Companies in Fremont

The Seattle, WA area has become a hub for technology thanks to giants like Amazon being headquartered just miles away. Tech is a huge industry in the Seattle area, with smaller companies joining in on the excitement and opportunities that draw tech professionals to the area. Barn2Door is a smaller tech company located in Fremont that gives farmers direct access to customers. Outreach is another nearby tech company in the Wallingford neighborhood just east of Fremont. F5 Networks is a cloud-based company in Queen Anne that is easy to get to from Fremont as well. Other tech companies have offices in Fremont that include Google, Groundspeak, and Adobe Systems.

Housing Options in Fremont

Just over 15,000 residents call Fremont home, and most rent their homes or Fremont Seattle studio apartments. The people are overwhelming fun, which attracts many young professionals and those that are young at heart with a few gray hairs. Home prices are pretty spendy in this area, with the median home value topping $750,000. Therefore, the urban Fremont landscape features many apartments for rent with options including multi-bedroom to studio homes available. The median rent is just about $1,800 a month as well.

Nook Studio Apartments

However, why pay more each month when you can rent a private studio with shared living space instead? Nook Studio Apartments feature studio apartments for rent that are safe and secure at a fraction of the median Seattle, WA average monthly rent. Studio rent prices vary from $1,200-$1,475 per month, depending on what kind of room you pick. Leases are available in 9-15 month terms, making this the perfect option for students going home for the summer or those young professionals who want to keep their options open. The best part of Nook Studio Apartments is that your room gets private access to 3 solar panels, meaning you never have to worry about your neighbor hogging all of the internet. The studio apartments feature energy-efficient finishes and amenities as well as enough private space to sleep soundly while also having a good time with friends and other residents in the common areas.

Moving to the Fremont Seattle, WA area is a no-brainer for any student or young professional! You'll get easy access to downtown Seattle as well as plenty of fun and exciting amenities to keep you busy closer to home in the funky culture that only Fremont Seattle can offer. Learn more about how to rent your new studio home in the Fremont Seattle area today! Call Nook Studio Apartments today to find out about all of the apartments for rent in Fremont, Seattle, WA.